2017 Contestant Spotlight: Christina Black


Christina is a junior majoring in biology and philosophy from Prairieville, Louisiana.

She is on the STRIPES Executive Staff, serving as the Events, Logistics, and Hospitality Coordinator. Within LSU Student Government, she is the Senate Vice Chair of the Committee on Rules a Senator of the College of Science. She is an active member of her sorority, Phi Mu and a participant in LSU’s Dance Marathon. She is also involved in Volunteer LSU, Geaux Big BR, and the LSU Philosophy Club.

Before living in Louisiana, Christina lived all around the country. After being born in Florida, she lived in Illinois, New Mexico and two different areas of Virginia. She also says that if she could be any animal, she would like to be a duck. She says, “I like the idea of being able to walk, fly, and swim all in one day.”

In her free time, Christina enjoys spending time with her family and friends and meeting new people. She loves cooking, exercising, volunteering, and dedicating time to her on-campus organizations. Christina also enjoys listening to music and playing the piano.

Christina tries to “embrace each day with optimistic enthusiasm for new tasks or challenges and to view each experience as an opportunity for growth.” She says, “I decided to participate in the Miss LSU-USA pageant to gain further confidence through the experience of this new challenge and to have the opportunity to promote LSU and to inspire involvement in our community.”

By participating in the Miss LSU-USA Pageant, Christina hopes to “gain the opportunity to be a voice and role model in order to continue positively influencing others and their perception of LSU and our community.”

She is most looking forward to stepping out of her comfort zone as she tries something she has never done before. She is also looking forward to the opportunity to represent the LSU student body at a variety of events, activities, and services to help the betterment of the community.

Christina would like to use the Miss LSU-USA platform to promote involvement and individuality. She says, “I think our university is so wonderful in that student involvement reaches beyond our campus and out into the community. As someone who is passionate about volunteering, I would love to promote how simple it is to do and how beneficial it is for everyone involved. I’d also like to increase awareness about the variety of ways to give back to our community. We become more empathetic toward others when we take the time to learn about their situation and to know them as individuals. This empathy creates stronger bonds and builds a stronger community. A meaningful metaphor to me compares individuals to candles; one candle loses nothing as it reaches out to light another, but creates a brighter presence as more candles take flame.”


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