2017 Contestant Spotlight: Tiffaney Sporl


Tiffaney is a senior from Slidell, Louisiana. She is majoring in finance with a minor in political science. She is an active member of her sorority, Phi Mu, and a member of the Student Finance Association.

In addition to racing junior dragsters for 7 years, Tiffaney’s father builds engines for high performance speedboats, and she has driven one at speeds of over 160 MPH! She also externed for a Federal Court Judge this past summer and will be attending law school in the fall.

Her hobbies include powerboating at speeds of over 160 MPH, drag racing, promoting Phi Mu’s philanthropy, Children’s Miracle Network Hospital with her sorority sisters, traveling, reading, and anything to do with her miniature daschund, Annie.

She says, “I wanted to participate in Miss LSU-USA because the Miss LSU-USA title has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. Having watched Miss LSU be presented each year in Tiger Stadium for as long as I can remember, I have personally experienced the magnitude of the Miss LSU-USA microphone, and I would love to use this platform to promote a cause I believe is currently of utmost importance, the value of a college education, specifically an LSU education.”

Through this experience, Tiffaney  hopes to gain 18 new friends and a sense of confidence and accomplishment after the pageant. She hopes “to leave the Miss LSU-USA stage for the last time having given the experience my all.”

Tiffaney is most looking forward to the pageant night, “from getting dressed up and seeing all the girls all made up as well, to looking out into a crowd of my family and friends and doing everything I can to make them proud on that stage, to being able to eat whatever I want after the pageant!”

Finally, she says “with all the uncertainty surrounding TOPS and state funding for higher education, I would like to use the Miss LSU-USA platform to promote the importance and value of higher education, specifically an LSU education. I would love to be able to go speak to middle and high schoolers about why they should still attend college even if they cannot obtain TOPS or other scholarship funding. With a background in Finance I would like to help students understand the many financing and scholarship options available to them.”


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