2017 Contestant Spotlight: Bailee Ordes


Bailee is a senior majoring in chemical engineering with a double minor in chemistry and construction management.

She is from Slidell, Louisiana.

Bailee is a Pi Beta Phi alumna and a member of the Tiger Athletic Foundation. She was also an LSU Bat Girl for her first four years at LSU.

Something interesting about Bailee is that she has a great memory that she says is borderline photographic. She says, “I can remember names and faces, dates, events and formulas extremely well.”

Her hobbies include stunting, tumbling, baseball, painting, baking, and crafting. She also loves to be outside and go to the park when the weather is beautiful.

Bailee has always wanted to participate in a pageant. She says that by participating in the Miss LSU-USA Pageant, she will have the opportunity to cross an aspiration off of her bucket list!

Through this experience she hopes to gain more self-confidence, more self-love, and new friendships.

Bailee says she has worked very hard to prepare for the Miss LSU-USA Pageant. She is most looking forward to “just being on stage and demonstrating that you can do anything you put your mind too.”

She would like to use the Miss LSU-USA platform to promote her platform, Beauty Redefined, which advocates our youth and teens on the importance of positive self-image. She says, “lately, the definition of beauty has been obscured; so, I want remind girls of the true meaning of being beautiful, which is being the best “you” and loving yourself in the process.”

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