2017 Contestant Spotlight: Carley Bowman


Carley is a sophomore majoring in kinesiology human movement: pre-physical therapy with a minor in psychology. She is from Ruston, LA and is a member of Chi Omega Sorority, the Association of Pre-Physical Therapy Students, and the Tiger Athletic Foundation.

She enjoys being physically active and exercising, cooking, photographing her life, spending free time with friends, reading classical novels, and mentoring children.

Carley has had three knee surgeries. She also has a cadaver tendon in her knee, so she has part of another person in her body! Carley is gluten intolerant, and allergic to cheese, but one of her favorite foods is gluten free/no cheese pizza.

Carley wanted to participate in the Miss LSU-USA Pageant because, “it was something out of my comfort zone. It brought me back to my competitive cheerleading days making my heart pound, blood rush through my veins.” She says she is anxious to step on stage and compete for a prize again.

Through this experience, Carley would like to gain a greater confidence in herself to “help foster in younger women the courage to follow their dreams no matter their height, weight, or any other factor they think can defeat them.”


She is most looking forward to gaining 19 new best friends from the group of women participating in the pageant. She says “the atmosphere of being surrounded by these empowering and beautiful women has not been as daunting to me as I had imagined it would be in the beginning.”

Carley would like to use the Miss LSU-USA platform to promote to young girls that if they can commit to hard work, determination, and discipline, then they can achieve any goal they set their minds to.


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