2017 Contestant Spotlight: McCaala Nelson

VividDream-13.jpgMcCaala is a freshman from Baton Rouge majoring in mass communication with a minor in business administration. At LSU she’s involved in the Minority Women’s Movement, LSU NAACP, and Black Student Union.

She once placed top 10 in Miss Louisiana Outstanding Teen and she won the title of Miss Imani 2017 at LSU. She also has her own YouTube channel and soon hopes to start a blog.

McCaala enjoys filming YouTube videos, reading, dancing and doing community service.

She wanted to participate in the Miss LSU-USA Pageant because after winning the title of Miss Imani 2017, she couldn’t wait to experience another pageant. She’s excited to have the opportunity to participate in Miss LSU-USA and “she’s diving in full force.” Through competing in this pageant, McCaala hopes to gain connections with people, and she already has! She says, “Just in the first few weeks of practices, I see that this group girls is amazing and extremely talented. I cannot wait until the time draws closer and we draw closer. I genuinely believe that our bonds with last beyond the 2017 Miss LSU stage.”

McCaala is looking forward to the interview process. She says, “People are often so terrified to go and talk in front of people when frankly, that’s the best part. I’m totally capable of showcasing who I am and how knowledgeable I am, so why be afraid? Also, beyond that phase, if allowed the chance to win the title of Miss LSU-USA, I cannot wait to use my platform to get involved in my community. I have such an important message to spread to women and girls about being confident in yourself and where that confidence can take you, and I always love to see little girls’ faces light up when they realize that you’re a ‘real princess!'”

This platform that she created is called The Power of the Selfie. She developed it when she was in high school, during one of the toughest years of her life. Through competing in pageants, she learned what she was capable of and that she’s beautiful. McCaala hopes to spread that message to other women though this platform and “help cut the toxicity out and pull in love and light.”

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