A Message From Miss LSU-USA 2016

Hi everyone! It’s Emilie here – Miss LSU-USA 2016. I seriously cannot believe that February is here and the next Miss LSU pageant is so close. Am I getting emotional about it? Maybe. Don’t judge.
Before we start rocking & rolling with this year’s festivities, I thought I would take a step back and reflect on everything I was able to do in 2016 as Miss LSU and what I’m looking forward to in 2017. It was definitely a fun year with lots of highlights, so let’s get right to it!
One of the biggest things I preach is loving the skin you’re in and being self-confident. It was only fitting that my first event (two days after the pageant!) was the LSU Southern Smash, where women came together to smash scales to symbolize body confidence.
It was HOT this day, but this is still one of my favorite events that I got to be a part of – the Special Olympics Track & Field competition! I got to meet with the athletes & coaches and cheer on everyone as they came through the finish line.
Then I got to really do what I LOVE most – teach kids about living a healthy lifestyle! We talked about fruits & vegetables and staying active. Look at those guns💪
Oh, and then I got to go to my favorite place in Baton Rouge (the Red Stick Farmer’s Market!) and do a cooking demo. Yummmmmmy.
Being Miss LSU-USA while running my business Emilie Eats at the same time has been awesome, and they definitely complement one another. I was lucky enough to be featured in 225 Magazine’s “Best Of” edition. Momma I made it!
The biggest thing I wanted to do as Miss LSU was help people, in any way that I could. First, I got to be a celebrity waiter to raise money for the Children’s Advocacy Center, and then I helped cooked for volunteer after our devastating floods. When times get tough, help your neighbor!
In October I had the opportunity to compete for Miss Louisiana USA (along with my best friend & former Miss LSU, Ashley Barbier). It was my last pageant ever, so it was kind of bittersweet, but still a ton of fun.
How could we forget football season?? This was the first time in a few years that Miss Louisiana USA didn’t fall on Homecoming Weekend, so I was able to participate in all the festivities – like the parade! Nice ride, right? 😎
Last but not least, the highlight of my year so far – being able to perform with the LSU Tiger Band in their Pixar-themed performance. Talk about stage fright!! I was shaking. But it was an experience I will never forget. 💜
So what do I have planned for this semester? I’m judging the Miss Imani pageant and will be attending another fun Special Olympics event. I will also be attending the National Eating Disorders Awareness Walk, a cause close to my heart. Maybe you’ll also see me at a baseball game throwing the first pitch! (I’ve got to start practicing…) I’m making the most of my 2 months left as Miss LSU-USA 2016!
Thanks for being here for the journey.
Lots of love,
Emilie Hebert
Miss LSU-USA 2016

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