YOU can be the next MISS LSU!

Hey everyone!

I had such an amazing time this past week at TWO major events!

I was able to help present future graduates with their rings at LSU’s Fall 2015 Ring Day! It was such an honor to be able to congratulate students on all of their accomplishments! Congrats, again!

I also was presented at the Bengal Belles luncheon on Friday and had SO MUCH FUN, riding in the golf cart parade!

For those who don’t know, Bengal Belles is a non-profit, social and fund raising organization dedicated to supporting academic programs and projects for student athletes at LSU!

Thanksgiving is just ONE WEEK away!

The Bad News: I only have a few months left as the 2015 Miss LSU-USA…

The Good News: We are only months away from next year’s Miss LSU-USA Pageant, and I will get the chance to give another girl the OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME!

Seriously… this has been on the most rewarding, exciting and memorable years of my life! I’ve made so many memories and friends that will last a lifetime. I’ve also had the chance to give back to the community and most importantly represent the university that I hold so true to my heart, LSU!

The 2016 Contestant Registration Packet can be downloaded directly from our blog under “Become A Contestant.”

…OR Click RIGHT HERE: 2016 Miss LSU Contestant Registration Packet

Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions or simply just want advice! I encourage everyone to compete, because win or lose it’s an experience that you will remember forever!

My challenge this week with Thanksgiving coming up is to take some time to show your appreciation for  anyone who may have helped you out with something recently, whether it be your parents or a professor! Just show you’re thankful! Remember people might not always remember what you say, but they will remember how you made them feel!

As always, Geaux Tigers BEAT Ole Miss!




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