*Expected post-Miss Louisiana USA post

It’s amazing how a weekend you have been preparing for, for over a year can just happen so fast. Wearing those 3 letters across my chest was honestly all I wanted this year.

To be able to represent the college that has done so much for me; Placing in the top 15 was just the icing on the cake.

To my friends, family, community and support group… THANK YOU. Thank you for the constant texts, interview prep and advice to get me through the weekend… and most importantly my parents for physically, financially  and mentally supporting me through all of my dreams.

Seeing you guys proudly sporting “Ash,” pins and fans made me stand even taller on stage (making up for my lack of 3 or so inches).

Miss Louisiana USA/Teen USA contestants, being with you through the roller coaster we call “fun” is quite thrilling. Though I rolled butt glue on me one too many many pageant butts and breathed in way too much hairspray, the feeling of unity that we all have is what makes it all worth it at the end of the night…

Like Mr. Don said in the beginning,” Chances are… you are going to lose,” and being “Losers” with all of you, made me feel as if I had won.

Congrats to our new beautiful Title Holders and may they each have a fulfilling year, filled with wonderful travels and memories.

There’s been many people asking me, “So… what’s next?!”

– After having such an eventful past couple of months everyone, I’m going to take a break and study up for the GRE and my new goal of running a half marathon.

So, you will still see me running the lakes and killing it in the gym on #FitnessFridays… and Who knows, you might see me on the Miss USA stage in a couple of years, but for right now, I’m just gonna try to lay low and accomplish the things in life that I’ve been putting on hold for a while.

But, hey! I still have the best title in the whole wide world and I’m going to continue being the BEST Miss LSU that I can be!

Catch ya on the flippity Flip (Office Reference)! #ForeverMissLSU.

And Geaux Tigers.


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