Geaux Tigers!

Another win for the Tigers!

We are having an amazing season and hopefully everyone is having a good semester! I had some awesome experiences this weekend, starting with Fall Fest!

On Friday, hundreds of LSU students gathered on the parade grounds for food, entertainment and tons of activities. I was able to talk about Ring Day on stage. In case you missed it, Ring Day will be held on November 15th. If you are an undergrad with 75 hours, you can get a ring! Talk to your parents about it, it's a great investment! Your School Ring is an amazing way to connect you to the wonderful traditions of our school.

On Saturday, I was able to attend Family Weekend. I met tons of wonderful students and their families! It was a great weekend and in you missed it, have your parents join the Family Association so you can stay informed on other family events happening on and around campus.

I am only 3 weeks away from competing in Miss Louisiana-USA. I'm getting so excited to represent LSU on that stage. I've been busy with fittings, fitness, dieting and of course practicing my walk.

If YOU would like the opportunity to represent LSU at Miss Louisiana--USA next year, you should consider competing for Miss LSU-USA! The pageant will be held on April 10, 2016! The contestant registration packets are here on our blog under "Become A Contestant."

If you have any questions shoot me a message and I will be happy to give you more information!

Fun fact: armadillos carry leprosy. Isn't that crazy?

Weekly challenge: Spend some time outside this week. The weather is beautiful! Whether it's to study, a trip to the dog park, a run, or even a picnic, GO OUTSIDE! It's very therapeutic and calming to experience nature! So go out there and get some free therapy.


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